markilux accessories

Perfect large-scale shade for both private and professional purpose: markilux pergola is an awning system with additional supporting posts – so that the building´s façade will not get overused.

Markilux markant is a free standing weather protection system.

markilux LED spotlights

lighting and heating options

LED Spotlights and LED line lights

markilux offer various lighting effects from spotlights to line lights. Converting the room under your awning into an oasis of well-being in the evening.

Available on the MX-1, MX-1 compact and markilux 6000

LED Canopy lights

Highlight specific areas and enjoy the evening hours under the awning in a
delightful atmosphere.

Available on the MX-1

markilux lighting and heating options

markilux shadeplus

Simply block out the glare from a low-lying sun and the glances of inquisitive neighbours and capture the warmth of the day in the evening. The additional awning cover is lowered vertically downwards from the front profile to create a wonderfully private room outdoors. Depending on the model, it is also available with a hard-wired motor or with remote control.

Your advantages

Blinding sun rays or prying eyes can simply be blocked out with the shadeplus: This additional fabric panel is lowered from the front profile. This creates an additional protection from prying eyes and the sun that converts your outdoor area into an airy private niche.

Shadeplus is a clever invention making the solar protection under your markilux perfect: In the front projection profile there is an additional roller with a second awning cover that can be lowered - to an extension of max. 2.10 m. This creates a wonderful shady additional room outdoors: No matter if the sun is high or low, shadeplus offers reliable protection.

The position of the sun does not only depend on the time of the day, but also from the location, alignment and season. A markilux with shadeplus always guarantees perfect protection - order it together with your awning!

Available on the markilux 1300, 5010, 6000, 970, MX-1, MX-1 compact, Pergola and Pergola Compact

Motor operation and remote controls

Comfortable operation at the touch of a button

For the motor drive you only need a power connection outdoors. There is the possibility to control the motor via a switch from the inside - comfortable and more flexible is the radio controlled remote operation.

With the CONNEXOON® Terrace you can control your awning and also other products on and around your patio effortlessly using your smartphone or tablet.

Create your own personal patio atmosphere with lighting effects, music and an open awning.

Available on all awnings

markilux spotlights

light and wind sensor

The intelligent weather control system.

Thanks to the light and wind sensor you can just lean back and watch how your markilux reacts: If the weather changes, the automatic sensor triggers the right reaction. Your markilux will extend automatically as soon as the sun appears or retract into its cassette - of its own accord - if the wind picks up significantly.

Light and wind sensors are particularly practical, if you wish to protect indoor furnishings from fading or to prevent the interior of the house heating up excessively. This comfort is particularly recommended for living and sleeping spaces - turn your markilux into your "weather butler"!

Available on all awnings

markilux LED spotlights

sunlight sensors

Soliris Sensor

Depending on the current weather situation, this intelligent control system will extend and retract your awning automatically.

The Soliris Sensor RTS transmits the signals by radio wave. This does away with all the wiring to the central control unit and the motor drive. The sun sensor can be manually activated or deactivated by means of a remote control.

markilux LED Line

markilux vibrabox

Intelligent, sensitive and independent of the mains

The vibrabox is an inertia sensor and depending on wind load an awning driven by radio-controlled motor will be retracted automatically to protect it.

Your advantages

The markilux vibrabox Eolis 3D WireFree io, the sensor for dynamic wind loads reacts to vibrations. It can be fixed to the inside or outside of the front profile (depending on the awning model) without requiring a power supply cable. The wind threshold value can be set individually at the sensor. Battery powered so no power supply or cabling required.

markilux stand-alone infrared heater

markilux stand-alone infrared heater

The new markilux stand-alone, 1400 Watt heater offers an optimum of warmth with pleasant infrared heat – for a cosy outdoor living experience.The low glare technology converts the power input into a maximum of heat output. As a mobile floor-mounted device for flat surfaces, the infrared heater is a perfect leisure time companion for gardens, patios and balconies. It is efficient, energy-saving and creates a warm atmosphere at the touch of a button.

  • Soft start function with reduced initial current surge
  • Operation via push-button control
  • Acoustic operating feedback
  • Safety power-off if the device tilts
  • Infrared halogen lamp with "No Glare" heating tube technology giving minimum glare and a pleasant light temperature
  • Powder-coated aluminium housing and base in the standard markilux colours
  • For use outdoors
  • Incl. 1.8 m connection cable with two-pin earthed plug

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