Awning Covers

The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth.

Unique materials create a special ambience 

It is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience in your conservatory and on your patio special. Colour nuances, patterns and textures create that uniquely special effect, depending on their brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of high-grade awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, markilux offers unparalleled variety. The markilux textile design team is constantly developing new patterns in line with the latest trends which are nevertheless characterised by their timeless nature.

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. Let your markilux specialist dealer inspire you, delight you and provide you with advice when it comes to selecting a material for your solar shading solution.

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Awning covers “Made in Germany”

We manufacture awning covers that maintain their shape and colour for years, and offer your home that special something. These high-tech awning fabrics are manufactured at the markilux production facility in Emsdetten, Germany in accordance with strict quality standards. The yarns are dyed using a process we ourselves developed and show their effect in up to 16 million distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in functional textiles, which have set exceptionally high standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and appearance. markilux awning covers are available in the qualities “sunsilk” or “sunvas” or as fabrics in our markilux specials collection serving specific requirements.

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markilux smart art - The artful art of technology

This innovative markilux printing technology makes the creation of highly unusual motifs possible. With smart art markilux is introducing highly unusual fabric patterns – works of art, in fact. A visual highlight for your patio with the charm of artistic creativity. Leaving your "imprint" takes on a whole new meaning.

  • 16 creative, artistic fabric patterns
  • Powerful colours
  • When viewed against the light, the pattern motif is clearly visible on the unprinted underside of the fabric.
  • markilux smart art awning covers are manufactured using a technically advanced and proven latex printing process and are highly weather resistant, lightfast and water repellent
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markilux awning covers

During the production of our awning fabrics we leave nothing to chance. We produce our fabrics sunsilk and sunvas exclusively in Germany using the most modern weaving technology. We add a final finishing flourish to the fabric using our snc coating, a special formula developed in house that creates a self-cleaning effect. This finish gives our awning covers incredible longevity and resistance against rain, light and fluctuations in temperature. This is certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100, which also guarantees they are free from harmful dyes or chemicals.

With an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, all markilux awning covers made from sunsilk or sunvas offer the highest possible degree of UV protection. This allows you to enjoy sunny days for longer, without risk.*

The numerous markilux options available set new standards for the stylish shading of your favourite spot in the garden.

The high-tech fabric is manufactured at the markilux production facility in Emsdetten, Germany, in accordance with strict quality standards. The yarns are dyed using a process we ourselves developed and show their effect in up to 16 million distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in ­functional textiles, which have set standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and ­appearance.

Self-cleaning snc effect Drops of water absorb dirt and run off the awning cover (the awning must have an inclination angle of at least 14 degrees for this purpose). Ensuring you can enjoy beautiful fabric for a long time to come.

markilux sunsilk | the brilliant

markilux sunsilk

sunsilk Brilliant luminosity. Silky smooth surface. The sunsilk awning covers impress with their unique luminosity.

sunsilk combines ultra-modern appearance with an outstanding technical specification: durable, colourfast, resilient and with a self-cleaning effect.

Technical details

  • Light fastness: Grade 7-8

  • Weather fastness: Grade 7-8

  • UV protection factor: 50+

sunvas | the traditional

markilux sunvas

sunvas Soft glow. Textile-like to the touch.sunvas awning covers score with their textile character and natural appearance.

The textile material with a soft, fluffy touch and gentle colour glow radiates a socially appealing charm.

Technical details

  • Light fastness: Grade 7-8

  • Weather fastness: Grade 7-8

  • UV protection factor: 50+

visutex | the exclusive

markilux visutex

visutex The markilux exclusive collection - discover the finely coordinated textures and powerful colours in a particularly vibrant weave. These unique awning covers are available without a surcharge exclusively from markilux.

visutex, the name of stylishly modern design in a vibrantly textured weave. Finely coordinated with the structures and colours of patios and gardens. Eight powerful colour topics and elegant designs give the awning covers exclusively designed for markilux a unique signature. Luminous and brilliant in sunsilk snc quality and with a soft glow in sunvas snc.

sunbow | impressive effect

markilux perla

sunbow Tangible texture. sunbow awning fabrics* are characterised by unique patterns in classic shades of colour.

Markilux's exclusive new fabric range is available exclusively in the Collection One range.

perfotex | the functional

markilux perfotex

perfotex Ideal for conservatories

Gaps in the warp yarns make this sunsilk fabric permeable to both air and water.The risk of the formation of water troughs in rain showers and the build-up of excessive heat between coverand glass is reduced. The aluminium encapsulated in the coating* of series 332 xx reduces solar gain as well.The weatherfast finish also inhibits the accumulation of dirt and offers excellent water repellency.

perla FR | the flame retardant

markilux perla FR

perla FR This flame-resistant and highly water-repellent sunsilk fabric complies with strict fire retardancy regulations

perla FR should be used wherever fire safety regulations are to be observed and protection from both rain and sunand a decorative effect is required.

In daylight, the radiant colours pass through the white underside of this sunsilk perla FR fabric, which makes it possibleto tailor the colour design of the interior space to the specific requirements of the customer but also ensures a bright,friendly atmosphere in the evening, when lights are turned on under the awning

transolair | the transparent

markilux transolair

transolair Solar protection with a view

The sunvas fabric with special perforating technique stands for agreeable transparency and good light andair permeability.

We recommend transolair be used for drop valances as well as forvertical blinds, side screens, marquisolettes, drop-arm and conservatoryawnings.

This perforated fabric maintains visual contact with the outdoors andshields against prying eyes at the same time. It ensures good aircirculation, which effectively reduces the build-up of a hot air cushionbetween cover and window.

How does it work?

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Step 3 - Installation

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