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Markilux Pergola 110 and 210


markiliux pergola 110Stylish and extra sturdy – solar and weather protection for large areas.


The markilux 8800 conservatory awning system with slender support posts - optionally with zipper system

The cassette profile, the guide tracks and the front profile of the markilux 8800 complement one another perfectly and result in a large but nevertheless very elegant patio shading system. The markilux pergola 110 is a large scale awning system resting on slender posts with unobtrusive lateral guide tracks. When fully extended the rounded front profile sits flush with the end of the guide tracks, giving the system a completely closed appearance.

Especially large extensions provide generous shade with high wind stability (wind resistance class 3)

The pergola 210 is the same elegant awning with adjustable side posts to allow for water run off.

Please note that this awning may be subject to planning permission. In most cases building work will be required to construct appropriate footings for the legs.


Prices start from £4200.00

Choice of fabrics

We recommend awning covers made from water-repellent sunsilk or markilux perla FR.


The markilux pergola 110 is available up to a maximum width of 600 cm. The maximum projection is 600 cm. The pergola 110 can shade areas up to 1800 x 600 cm as a coupled unit.


Operated by means of a hard-wired motor or optionally by radio-controlled motor with handset.


markilux pergola 110


markilux pergola 110 specifications



  1. single unit
  2. the height of the front support posts can be adjusted at the base by up to 10 cm during installation
  3. Support post with guide track at the front. Completely closed appearance thanks to a zipper system (optional) which does away with the annoying gap between the cover and the guide track.
  4. end cap and guide track
  5. coupled unit (2 or 3 fields) is available
  6. coupled unit, centre guide track: completely closed appearance thanks to a zipper system (optional) which does away with the annoying gap between the cover and the guide track

Special Equipment

The following options are available for the markilux pergolas

remote control

Motor operation and remote controls

Comfortable operation at the touch of a button

markilux remote controls allow you to operate your awning comfortably at the touch of a button.

light and wind sensor

light and wind sensor

The intelligent weather control system.

The sun and wind sensor detect changes in weather and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.