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markilux MX1

markilux awnings from brite blinds
markilux awnings from brite blinds
markilux awnings from brite blinds
markilux awnings from brite blinds
markilux awnings from brite blinds
markilux awnings from brite blinds
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  • bursting with innovative features
  • bionic tendon arms a standard
  • available shadeplus drop valance
  • optional LED spot lighting
  • optional LED lighting in canopy
  • infra-red heaters available
  • motorised operation as standard
  • maximum width: 7m
  • maximum projection: 4.37m
  • multi award winning design

A new dimension in design and technology

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality unite in the markilux MX-1 - a combination of a protective roof and an awning.

The cassette, including the porch, with a total construction depth of 62 cm, protects windows and facades. The big sister of the markilux MX-1 compact fulfils even unusual wishes by many equipment features such as the folding arms with bionic tendon, 5 - 25° tilt adjustment via a tilt joint, water drainage via an integrated gutter in the front profile and a multitude of optional drive technologies, colour variations and additional equipment.

In spite of its dimensions, the markilux MX-1 has a fascinatingly lightweight appearance. Its generous proportions and progressive style represent a conscious facade design.


The front screen, made of aluminium, can be designed in all lounge and standard colours. The optional dimmable LED Ambiente lighting sets coloured accents. 

markilux mx1 with drop valance
markilux mx1 with lighting
markilux mx1 with shadeplus drop valance


Available are all designs of the current markilux collection presenting sunvas snc | sunsilk snc | visutex.


Intelligent special equipment for optimum convenience: markilux LED spotlights in the porch and the LED line or LED spotlights in the front panel provide further dimmable highlights, and the markilux Shadeplus provides additional comfort under the awning.

markilux mx1 with under lighting
markilux mx1 with spot lighting
markilux mx1 with bar lighting
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Maximum width: 700 cm
Maximum projection: 437 cm


Built-in convenience: radio-controlled motor with a 4-channel remote control.

All our experience and all our knowledge of design and technology, aesthetics and functionality are united in the new markilux MX-1.

The self-assured size and conical basic shape with its clear lines are cause for delight for many different reasons.

The markilux MX-1 is a combination of a protective roof and an awning. The cassette, including the rear canopy, with an overall depth of 62 cm, protects windows and façades. But when extended, the markilux MX-1 reveals its true greatness by shading an area of up to 700 cm x 437 cm.

The front panel, made of aluminium, is available in all Lounge and standard colours. As an option, the dimmable LED ambient lighting, set behind a coloured acrylic glass front panel, will set a more playful tone. On request, markilux LED spotlights in the canopy and the LED line or LED spotlights in the front profile offer additional dimmable options and the markilux shadeplus is able to provide additional protection and comfort under the awning.

In spite of its dimensions, the markilux MX-1 is fascinatingly lightweight in appearance. Discover its generous dimensions and progressive style when consciously designing your customer’s façade.

Special Equipment

The following options are available for the markilux MX1

remote control

Motor operation and remote controls

Comfortable operation at the touch of a button

markilux remote controls allow you to operate your awning comfortably at the touch of a button.

light and wind sensor

light and wind sensor

The intelligent weather control system.

The sun and wind sensor detect changes in weather and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.



Sensor for dynamic wind loads


Oscillation and inertia sensor for the wireless transmission of wind signals.

sun sensor

Sunlight sensors

Solar-powered control

The sensor Sunis RTS will protect you from the sun and is flexible enough to be fitted to any façade.

shadeplus drop valance

Shadeplus / drop valance

The awning within the awning.

Simply block out blinding sunrays or inquisitive glances with the drop down Shadeplus option.

infra red heater

infra-red heater

Cosy warmth when it starts to get cool

Feel the pleasant warmth immediately and savour the evening for longer.

integral lighting


Spotlights or a complete light bar


The lighting conjures up an ideal atmosphere for those balmy summer evenings.