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Markilux 930 swing

markilux 930 swingThe start to a roaring summer

It is small, elegant and extremely delicate thanks to its torque bar-free construction. An awning for more style and atmosphere. The markilux 930 swing is above all suited for installation under overhanging roofs, where additional protection of the cover and mechanics is not required. An intelligent pivoting mechanism lends it a particularly compact and flat appearance when closed. During the extension process the awning remains horizontal at first and then pivots into the pre-set pitch. The adjustment screws at the brackets can be used to change the pitch from 5° to 80°.

The windlock mechanism prevents the awning from flipping up in windy conditions. The joints in the upper arm lock the lateral profiles and releases them again only on retraction. The tubular, closed front profile ensures sufficient stability and a smooth appearance. Folding arms with improved power transference ensure good cover tension. The awning is suited both for top and face fixture. In the case of face fixture it might be combined with an additional coverboard, for example with the new markilux system coverboard.

Choice of fabrics

All fabrics made from sunvas snc and sunsilk snc in the current markilux collection, including the exclusive visutex fabric series, are available. A valance is supplied as standard.


The markilux 930 swing is available up to a maximum width of 500 cm. The maximum extension is 300 cm.


Manual operation by means of a stainless steel winding handle. On request a hard-wired electric motor or a radio-controlled motor with remote control operation can be fitted.

markilux 930 swing specification


  1. during extension at a pitch of 45°
  2. side view showing gearbox eye for manual operation (standard)
  3. side view, face fixture
  4. during extension at a pitch of 80°
  5. pitch adjustment possible from 5° to 80°.
  6. folding arm with round, steel-link chain
  7. Face fixture
  8. markilux 930 swing with system coverboard (optional)

Special Equipment

The following options are available for the markilux 6000

markilux remote control

Motor operation and remote controls

Comfortable operation at the touch of a button

markilux remote controls allow you to operate your awning comfortably at the touch of a button.

light and wind sensor

light and wind sensor

The intelligent weather control system.

The sun and wind sensor detect changes in weather and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.

vibrabox wind sensor


Sensor for dynamic wind loads

Oscillation and inertia sensor for the wireless transmission of wind signals.

sun sensor

Sunlight sensors

Solar-powered control

The sensor Sunis RTS will protect you from the sun and is flexible enough to be fitted to any façade.

system coverboard

System coverboard

Protection made from transparent lightness

The new Markilux system coverbaord for open style awnings.

infra red heater

infra-red heater

Cosy warmth when it starts to get cool

Feel the pleasant warmth immediately and savour the evening for longer.