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Markilux 790 sidescreens

The side screen markilux 790 with angled top edge will complement your markilux folding-arm awning perfectly.

Markilux 790 side screenThere are very few spots in the garden that are really protected from the sun, the wind and inquisitive neighbours on all sides. This makes a markilux side screen a must if you want to fully enjoy the summer on your balcony or patio. The markilux 790 is particularly suited for patios; it can be quickly and easily fitted and win you over with its sturdy and robust construction in combination with their impeccable ease of operation.


The compact cassette is available with a height of 173 cm, as well as 213 cm and 250 cm. Covers made from panels (120 cm wide) have a maximum extension length of 350 cm, seamless covers even 450 cm.

markilux side screen details


  1. Docking post with welded-on base plate
  2. safety mechanism for the docking post as standard
  3. wall docking bracket, here shown with additional angled bracket for side fixture (optional)
  4. Docking post with ground sleeve