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markilux 6000 - Folding-arm Cassette Awning

The markilux 6000 is a cassette awning brimming with innovative ideas and new technologies.

The markilux 6000 is the markilux of innovation, with many good ideas and new technologies. Simply the best horse from the markilux stables.

markilux 6000 awnings from brite blinds
markilux 6000 awnings from brite blinds
markilux 6000  awnings from brite blinds
markilux  6000 awnings from brite blinds
markilux  6000 awnings from brite blinds
markilux 6000  awnings from brite blinds
markilux 6000  awnings from brite blinds
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  • bursting with innovative features
  • bionic tendon arms a standard
  • available shadeplus drop valance
  • optional LED lighting
  • infra-red heaters available
  • motorised or manual operation
  • maximum width: 7m, (13.9m coupled)
  • maximum projection: 4m
  • multi award winning design

A multitude of design options for an individual awning model. Use of completely unique folding-arm technology. Additional functions that make your day more special, prolong your evening and make the patio perfect in each and every season – this is the markilux 6000. By virtue of the almost unlimited possibilities, the ideal colour and design option can be found for any type of house.

The elbow joints in the folding arms boast the highly tear-resistant bionic tendon made from high tech fibres for optimum power transference to the front profile and virtually noiseless, friction-free operation. It is almost selfevident that with all these innovative features, the markilux 6000 has received the red dot design award.


The markilux 6000 is a cassette awning with futuristic connection technology at the elbow joints of the awning arms - the so-called bionic tendon.

The innovative bionic tendon, developed by markilux and drawing inspiration from nature to create a friction-free and virtually noiseless folding of the arms. This makes the technology in your markilux even more robust and even more durable (achieving at least 50,000 cycles during tests by the Fraunhofer Institute).

Beside the unique and individual customisation possibilities, the markilux 6000 Lounge offers another unique feature. In the Lounge style line the frame colours off-white textured finish, stone grey metallic and anthracite metallic always ensure a clean appearance thanks to a dirt-repellant effect in rain.

Markilux 6000 awnings

Modular clip-on system

Yet another markilux innovation: the modular clip-on system for attaching equipment. This system allows you to add extras to your awning at a later date - long after your markilux has been installed.


The maximum dimensions of a single unit are 700 cm of width, with a drop of up to 400 cm. They are also available up to 1390cm width as a coupled awning.


During the manufacturing process of all markilux 6000 awnings, the lengths of cover fabric are adhesive welded in the drop direction using an ultrasonic welding process. They are highly weather-resistant and durable because the adhesive bonding creates a surface free from vulnerable seams. This also results in an improved appearance. The highly compressed surface welding is resistant to water, light and temperature fluctuations under all normal conditions.


The markilux 6000 is supplied with a gearbox and stainless steel winding handle as standard. Optionally electric operation is available and on request even the newly developed, beautifully designed markilux remote control is on offer.


sound is produced using a microphone and an amplifier which cause the awning cassette to gently vibrate. Similar to the membrane of a loudspeaker, these vibrations are transferred to the air and shape noises into sound. Via a separate power supply the remarkable concertronic technology offers a full-bodied, high quality sound experience of  up to 80 Watts.

Using a universal 3.5 mm audio input jack, the markilux 6000 with concertronic can play audio files from any commercially available device such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android smartphones, MP3 players etc.

markilux 6000 with shadeplusShadeplus / drop valance

Blinding sun rays or prying eyes can simply be blocked out with the shadeplus: This additional fabric panel is lowered from the front profile.

This creates an additional protection from prying eyes and the sun that converts your outdoor area into an airy private niche.

Shadeplus is a clever invention making the solar protection under your markilux perfect: In the front projection profile there is an additional roller with a second awning cover that can be lowered - to an extension of max. 2.10 m. This creates a wonderful shady additional room outdoors: No matter if the sun is high or low, shadeplus offers reliable protection.

The position of the sun does not only depend on the time of the day, but also from the location, alignment and season. A markilux with shadeplus always guarantees perfect protection - order it together with your awning!

Markilux 6000 specification<


  1. Gutter with hidden water spout
  2. Shadeplus / drop valance integrated into the front profile (optional)
  3. shadeplus / drop valance (optional) retracted
  4. side view with awning retracted, top fixture
  5. side view with awning retracted, face fixture
  6. bionic tendon and cable conduit hidden in the arms
  7. markilux spotlights in the front profile (optional)
  8. wall sealing profile (optional)

Special Equipment

The following options are available for the markilux 6000

remote control

Motor operation and remote controls

Comfortable operation at the touch of a button

markilux remote controls allow you to operate your awning comfortably at the touch of a button.

light and wind sensor

light and wind sensor

The intelligent weather control system.

The sun and wind sensor detect changes in weather and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.



Sensor for dynamic wind loads


Oscillation and inertia sensor for the wireless transmission of wind signals.

sun sensor

Sunlight sensors

Solar-powered control

The sensor Sunis RTS will protect you from the sun and is flexible enough to be fitted to any façade.

shadeplus drop valance

Shadeplus / drop valance

The awning within the awning.

Simply block out blinding sunrays or inquisitive glances with the drop down Shadeplus option.

infra red heater

infra-red heater

Cosy warmth when it starts to get cool

Feel the pleasant warmth immediately and savour the evening for longer.

integral lighting


Spotlights or a complete light bar

The lighting conjures up an ideal atmosphere for those balmy summer evenings.