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awnings brackets

There is a range of additional fixing brackets that are sometimes required to fit awnings in positions with obstructions such as drain pipes etc here are some of the more common types.

gutter brackets for awnings

Gutter Brackets

Gutter brackets are used to lift the awning above or level with the soffit or gutter. This allows the awning to be fitted where they would otherwise obstruct patio doors etc.

gutter signpost brackets for awnings

Gutter Signpost Brackets

Gutter signpost brackets are similar to standard gutter brackets but they also allow the fixing point of the awning to be located to the side of the fixing point on the wall.

spreader bracket for awning installation

Spreader Brackets

Spreader Brackets are used to spread the load of the awning down the wall when fixing to a single storey building that does not have much weight of brick above the fixing point of the awning.

spreader bracket for awning installation

Spreader Signpost Brackets

Spreader signpost brackets are used when it is not possible to get a fixing point where required for the awning.

pipe bracket

Pipe brackets

Pipe brackets or stand off brackets are used to lift the awning away from the wall slightly to miss obstructions such as drainage downpipes.


All brackets are available powder coated in white, grey, brown and ivory

pipe bracket

Custom Brackets

Custom brackets can usually be made to fit the fitting requirements of your situation.